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Graphite electrode construction continued to reduce the range of slow


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    The construction of graphite electrodes continues to be heated. Instead of looking at the construction project with an annual capacity of 10,000 or 20,000, the construction of graphite electrodes in large-scale enterprises is also in full swing.The leading enterprise of graphite electrode is fangda code: fangda and baogang steel build the base of graphite electrode with annual output of 100,000 tons, and fangda light carbon build another 50,000 tons of ultra-high power graphite electrode. Another graphite-electrode manufacturer, jilin carbon, is expected to start production at the end of the project, one of the production lines with annual output of 120,000 tons.When the production lines of the two companies are completed, the pattern of the graphite electrode industry will be changed subtly and the power of discourse will be further enhanced.


    However, the graphite electrode fall has slowed down at present, from the previous rapid drop to a small drop of 1000-2000 yuan/ton.UHP graphite electrode Ф 450 mm early quoted price 50000 yuan/ton, the price is 48000 yuan/ton, price will obviously, of course the factory tax 4.4-45000 yuan/ton price also has been in existence.Even UHP graphite electrodes Ф 700 mm from the altar fall, 150000 yuan/ton price no longer exists, 130000 yuan/ton price is high.