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Method of grinding diamond tools


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The manufacturing process of single crystal diamond cutter generally includes material selection, orientation, sawing, blanking, clamping, rough grinding, fine grinding and inspection.The blank of two cutting tools can be obtained by cutting the selected original diamond stone through the directional back along the maximum plane saw, which can not only improve the utilization rate of diamond materials, but also reduce the total grinding amount.The shape of the cutter can meet the requirements of clamping (inlaying or brazing) through the blanking.Roughing and rough and fine grinding methods are used.


The grinding of diamond is carried out on the cast iron abrasive disc.The diameter of the grinding disc is about 300mm. It is made of high phosphorous cast iron specially used for grinding diamond, which has been optimized in the shape, size and proportion of pores in the material tissue.The surface of the grinding disc is inlaid with diamond abrasive powder, its particle size can be from 1 mm to 40 mm.Rough diamond powder of coarse particles has a higher grinding rate, but the grinding quality is poor. Therefore, coarse powder is generally used in rough grinding, while fine powder with size less than 1 mm is used in fine grinding.Before grinding, diamond powder is first mixed with olive oil or other similar material into a paste, then coated on the surface grinding disc, placed a period of time to paste into fully cast iron pore grinding disc, with a large diamond in grinding disc surface of pre grinding back and forth, to further strengthen the role of Mosaic diamond powder in cast iron pore.When grinding, the ground diamond is usually embedded in the tin bucket, showing only the surface to be ground.The speed of grinding disk is about 2500r/min and the grinding pressure is about 1kg/mm2.