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The world is moving forward in a grand way


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In the turbulent historical tide, there is always a kind of power to go through the clouds and fog.

"China sincerely opens its market to other countries. China's international import expo should not only be held every year, but also be held to a higher level, more effective and better quality."President xi jinping delivers a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the first China international import expo in Shanghai on the morning of nov 5.More than 1,500 guests, including leaders of many countries and regions and heads of international organizations, attended the meeting.Below, 74-year-old Czech President zeman took his seat in the front row.A year and a half ago, he attended One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit BBS in Beijing.It was during that BBS that President xi jinping announced that the China international import expo would be held.This time around, President zeman has led nearly 70 Czech companies.From promoting co-construction of "One Belt And One Road" to actively holding import expo, this is another international public product provided by China to the world.Big pattern, big quantity, big feelings.President xi jinping has led China to comprehensively deepen reform and opening-up, open its arms to the world, and work with other countries for mutual benefit and win-win results to paint a new picture of common development.

"Please take my song back to your home, and leave your smile..."On the night of November 4, the Shanghai international convention center, located on the bank of the huangpu river, was brightly lit and a number of state cars were parked downstairs.Croatian prime minister prekovic, Laotian prime minister thun thun, Egyptian prime minister madeboli, Kenyan President kenyattaMore than ten foreign leaders came to China to attend the import expo.In the hall, the children expressed their sincere and warm welcome to the distinguished guests with their pure singing.At about 18:50, President xi jinping and his wife peng liyuan came to the guests and shook hands with them one by one." this is not a general exhibition, but a major decision made by China to push forward a new round of high-level opening-up and a major move taken by China to open its market to the world." "At the welcome banquet, President xi jinping spoke out the core meaning of China's hosting of the expo.

Inside the banquet hall, the music is melodious and the atmosphere is warm.Outside the convention center, the huangpu river flows slowly east, and stars twinkle in the night sky.Undaunted by the wind and rain, undaunted by the turbulent current, the world's first state-level exhibition themed on import reflects the extraordinary vision of Chinese leaders.President xi jinping has devoted his energy to the China international import expo, showing the sincerity of China to open its market to the world and share opportunities with other countries.Over the past year and more, President xi jinping has sent invitations to the world on many important occasions and invited guests and friends from all over the world to join usPresident xi jinping announces on One Belt And One Road international cooperation summit BBS on May 14, 2017 in Beijing: China will host the China international import expo from 2018.We will hold the China international import expo from next year to create a new platform for mutually beneficial cooperation, said President xi jinping at the apec economic leaders' meeting in danang, Vietnam, nov 11, 2017.I believe this will help all parties better share the dividends of China's development.At the BBS conference in boao, hainan, April 10, 2018, President xi jinping pointed out that this is not a general exhibition, but a major policy announcement and action of our initiative to open the market.Welcome friends from all countries to China.

At the sco summit in Qingdao on June 10, President xi jinping said China welcomes all parties to take an active part in the first China international import expo to be held in Shanghai in November.China welcomes Arab countries to attend the first China international import expo, which will be held in Shanghai in November this year.On July 25, President xi jinping stressed that this is a major move by China to firmly support trade liberalization and take the initiative to open its market to the world. It will build a new platform for all parties to enter the Chinese market.At the BBS summit on china-africa cooperation in Beijing on September 3, President xi jinping said that China has decided to expand the import of African products, especially non-resource products, and support African countries to participate in the China international import expo.

From chaired a meeting of the central deep reorganization meeting examined and approved "China international import fair overall plan", to the approval of the China international import expo implementation plan ", to emphasize in the politburo meeting for many times, specific instructions, chairman of the xi "efforts to make the international first-class exposition", carefully organize push related department."An iconic platform for demonstrating China's openness to the outside world and balancing trade protectionism," "one of the most important events on China's diplomatic calendar this year" "the exhibition hall covers more than 35 football fields"International media pay great attention to import expo.