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Grind class, grind search will appear before masses for the first time


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In line with the concept of serving Chinese grinding enterprises and making more small, medium and micro enterprises go out, abrasive inventory network has deeply excavated the needs of grinding enterprises and launched a professional learning platform -- grinding course which integrates foreign trade knowledge, website optimization, product quality and financial knowledge.

The grinding course has cooperated with the material college of henan university of technology, three grinding institute and shenzhou smooth management (finance and tax professional platform) and other professional institutions to solve the deep-level needs of enterprises.

At the integrity declaration conference, we will launch the first lesson and answer questions on site.

Abrasiveso (www.abrasivesdata.com), a search engine dedicated to abrasives, will also be officially launched.

Moso covers 60 kinds of abrasive materials and more than 20 kinds of abrasive data, a total of hundreds of thousands of abrasives at home and abroad enterprise information, and constantly updated, at the time, abrasives inventory network CEO Yang heng will be in the integrity of the declaration of the conference in detail.