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BCA Ceramic Abrasive


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BCA Ceramic Abrasive

1. Sharp grain, strong cutting ability and high grinding efficiency. Large depth of cut, large feed, heavy load and efficient grinding are possible. According to the test, the single-stroke feed can reach more than 0.3mm, and the metal removal rate is more than twice that of the ordinary corundum grinding wheel.

2, good toughness, small wear, good shape retention of the grinding wheel, used for precision grinding and profile grinding, easy to obtain high dimensional accuracy and dimensional consistency.

3. The grinding wheel has high durability and long service life, which can reach 5-10 times of ordinary corundum grinding wheel. The replacement frequency is low, reducing auxiliary machining time and downtime, which is beneficial to the use of CNC automatic machine tools for automatic production.

4. The grinding wheel has good self-sharpness and no clogging, which can maintain stable grinding performance, so the correction amount can be reduced (about 1/3 of the general corundum grinding wheel), which can reduce the number of corrections and improve production efficiency.

5, the performance is far superior to ordinary fused corundum abrasive, the price is far lower than cbn and diamond abrasive, and its hardness is similar to ordinary corundum abrasive, so no special grinding equipment and correction device are needed, no Cbn and diamond have special requirements and corrections in grinding equipment, and there is no special requirement for grinding fluid.