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South-Central Diamond: a Major Breakthrough in large Particle Color drilling Technology


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South-Central Diamond: a Major Breakthrough in large Particle Color drilling Technology

"Color diamond jewelry, science and technology gave birth to it. Across 100 million years of supernature, success in one fell swoop all over the world. "

Recently, the world-famous large-scale production enterprises of high-quality Clark diamonds and the large-grain "jewelry diamonds" launched by Zhongnan Diamond, a single champion demonstration enterprise in China's manufacturing industry, caused a stir at the 16th Jade carving Culture Festival in Nanyang. It indicates that the product has made a major technological breakthrough in production.

Niu Jianwei, party committee secretary of Zhongnan Diamond Company, said: at this exhibition, the products produced by Zhongnan Diamond Company, such as cultivating diamond blank, naked diamond, color drill, finished jewelry and other products, made a bright appearance, showing that the whole process of green manufacturing of diamond products was displayed. Quality comparable to natural, light luxury pure, colorful unique charm, fully reflects the latest scientific and technological achievements and production and research strength of Central South Diamond Company, and conveys to the public the consumption concept of cultivating diamonds "science and technology, green, fashion, light extravagance".

Xu Deming, director of the China Jewelry and Jade Association, Bi Lijun, secretary general, Shi Hongyue, full-time vice president, and other industry leaders, accompanied by relevant leaders of the Nanyang Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, visited the Central South Diamond Exhibition Hall. Xu Deming praised 5 carats of colorless naked diamonds and exciting colored naked diamonds, and highly valued the technological breakthrough of diamonds in central and southern China and the production of cultivated diamonds comparable to natural diamonds. It is exhilarated and appreciated for the company to achieve the largest grain size, the best grade and the controllable color of Clark grade diamond cultivation.

During the exhibition, Xu Deming, president of the China Jewelry and Jade Industry Association, and Li Yushun, general manager of Zhongnan Diamond Company, and Niu Jianwei, secretary of the Party Committee, exchanged views on the strategy of cultivating high quality and sustainable development of the diamond industry in China. President Xu Deming made clear the direction and put forward the goal and requirement of phased work on the major issues such as preparing for the establishment of diamond industry association as soon as possible and speeding up the establishment of industry standards.