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Abrasivestocks.com interview Qingdao RECKEL


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After applying the abrasive tools, the abrasivestocks.com interviewed Mr. Xue bing of Qingdao RECKEL new material technology co., LTD.

Qingdao RECKEL new material technology co., LTD., located in jiaozhou bay industrial park, Qingdao city, is engaged in BCA ceramic abrasive, product technical service consulting, development and professional production and processing of thin alumina, special alumina, sol, catalyst and other products, and has a complete and scientific quality management system.Qingdao shankehaitai new materials co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qingdao ruiker new materials technology co., LTD.Relying on the strong scientific research team of the school of materials and chemical engineering of shandong university of science and technology, the company is mainly engaged in the research, application and technical promotion of inorganic non-metallic materials, powder technology, catalytic materials, carrier molding, fine chemicals and organic waste treatment.

For our ceramic abrasive abrasive used categories, xue total detailed specifications, mainly include: BCA ceramic abrasive, thin water series products, dry powder series products, automobile exhaust catalyst special alumina, VOC special alumina catalyst, microcrystalline grinding alumina, polishing products, ceramic products, sol, SCR denitration catalyst, sulfur resistance change series catalyst, oil hydrogenation catalyst, etc.The main chemical technologies of the company include: separation technology (the separation of organic waste and inorganic non-metallic materials has been industrialized), powder technology, rectification technology, engineering consulting design, special industry specific alumina, various phase structure, various forms of alumina and the process package of thin water-dry adhesive powder.

Since getting more and more small and micro grinding enterprises to go out in China, directly participating in international supply is the goal of abrasivestocks.com, we will certainly not miss the problem of understanding the gap between Chinese and foreign ceramic abrasive.So, also direct questions, in view of global ceramic abrasive market now, we want to rui Kerr if you have any gap with foreign similar products in this area, according to Mr Xue Bing, China ceramic abrasive must now or technically have a certain gap with foreign first-class enterprise, advanced grinding technology abroad pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, will not be easily open to us, rick in Kerr goals, developing advanced ceramic abrasive, method, can be to try every means to overcome technology blockade, high-profile cut into the international market, scale advantage, first direct challenge to the international advanced ceramic abrasive technology barriers.

Wish rekell on the long march, a well-developed, stand out in the world advanced abrasive technology competition to make contributions.

As China's first platform aimed at directly exporting our grinding enterprises, abrasivestocks.com will also fully support more enterprises that are dedicated to making contributions to the grinding industry like rekell and help them build international brands and directly participate in international competition!