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At this moment, the development of China's small and medium-sized enterprises should be the future


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Because a variety of factors crisscross the recent impact, causes the raw material to supply the strain, the enterprise is short of goods to suspend production, the market price therefore rises.In addition, this year's environmental storm has become increasingly close, small and medium-sized enterprises.But the state council has brought good news, small and medium - sized enterprises finally ushered in the spring?

1.Prices of  raw materials and products continue to rise

⑴The PTA

From late July, PTA futures started a straight upward trend, boosted by tight supply and firming cost - end prices.On July 9, east China's spot price broke through the 6,000 integer mark and set a new high in nearly three years. Confidence in all parties increased, and the market center of gravity continued to move upward.After August, the market again crazy, the main PTA futures contract has stood at a high of 8000 yuan/ton.On August 20, multiple PTA contracts hit the trading limit, and the contract closed at 8450 yuan/ton in recent months, a 5-year high.

⑵Epoxy resin

The lack of supply in the market drove prices up

The circular economy park in huizhou district, huangshan city, anhui province was temporarily suspended from Aug. 18 to Aug. 24 due to boiler overhaul.At the same time, most epoxy companies (including the TGIC project) in shexian county began to limit their production for about 15 days on August 15.The production of two epoxy resins will be stopped at the same time, 60% of the national production of solid epoxy resins will be affected,

⑶Polyester resin

The polyester resin was affected by the significant increase of PTA. Some polyester resin factories stopped and the polyester resin quotation was increased.Polyester resin is an important raw material of powder coating. The continuous rise of raw material price will bring great pressure to the survival of downstream enterprises. Recently, the international giant coating enterprises of liangbang and PPG have announced price increase.

⑷Aromatic solvent oil

At present, the domestic aromatic solvent oil market has risen to a new high within the year.Recently, the supply of goods in jiangsu has been relatively tight. According to market information, some manufacturers have ordered the production of this week and it is difficult to get the goods.At present, most manufacturers have reported that due to the tight supply of raw material readjustment C10, the equipment processing load is not high, resulting in the low product inventory in the near future.

2.Many provincial small and medium-sized enterprises have suffered rectification in recent years

Since the start of 2018, the names of small and medium-sized enterprises have been included in the relocation policies of hazardous chemicals in various provinces and cities.

Shandong province, linzi district of zibo announced the first batch of phase-out and transformation of non-chemical enterprises (47) and the second batch of closure of phase-out chemical enterprises (71) list.In march, wang shujian, vice-governor of shandong province, said he aimed to close another 20 per cent of chemical companies on an existing basis.

Guangdong province, the preparation of "guangdong province" "scattered pollution" industrial enterprises comprehensive remediation work plan (draft).By the end of September 2019, the comprehensive rectification work of the province's "scattered and dirty" enterprises will be basically completed.

Jiangsu province has launched a special campaign against chemical enterprises. According to the plan, by the end of 2018, about 2,000 low-end backward enterprises will be shut down.

"Small" enterprises are usually linked with "scattered pollution". In the environmental storm, small and medium-sized enterprises have become the major disaster areas.When large enterprises are faced with the collection of environmental tax, "looking back" of environmental inspectors, sino-us trade war, etc.Small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with a severe test, transformation, transformation or closure of factories, migration.

3.The spring?

The first meeting of the state council leading group on promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises was held in Beijing on August 20.Liu he, head of the state council's leading group on promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, chaired the meeting and delivered a speech.Li guozhang, chairman of xingfa group, a large fine phosphorus chemical company, also spoke at the meeting.

The meeting also revealed the importance of accounting for more than 90% of China's smes.In chemical industry, small and medium - sized enterprises occupy a large seat.Take the titanium white powder enterprise as an example, the international large-scale enterprise is mainly based on the chlorination method, the domestic leading enterprise such as the dragon python baili union also builds the production line of 200,000 tons of chlorination method as planned, the other small and medium-sized factories still adopt the more environmentally unsound sulfuric acid method.This move also makes these small businesses in the big environmental wave, accelerated the pace of elimination.

This time, however, there is good news.The meeting stressed that we should promptly solve the outstanding problems in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Small chemical companies often face an important problem: they don't have enough capital, they don't have enough equipment, and they can't keep up with the pace of research and innovation.On this issue, the conference said that financial support should be strengthened, institutional and technological innovation should be accelerated, and incentive mechanisms should be improved.At the same time, we should strengthen protection of property rights and intellectual property rights, strengthen law enforcement, raise the cost of breaking the law, and protect the innovation and r&d achievements of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In addition, smes are also faced with the problem of weak product competitiveness. For this problem, it is necessary to improve the capital market, expand the direct financing channels of smes and better meet the financing needs.We should vigorously promote entrepreneurship, improve effective self-protection and create a favorable environment for the growth of entrepreneurs.We will adhere to the basic economic system, give equal treatment to both state-owned and private economies, treat large and medium-sized enterprises equally, and focus our efforts on creating an environment for their development.

In today's environment, smes, which contribute more than 60% of China's GDP, are the main force in national economic and social development.


Does the first meeting of the leadership group of the state council to promote the development of small and medium enterprises mean that the spring of small and medium enterprises has arrived? Due to the continuous wave of environmental protection, shutdown, rectification, production limitation, relocation wave after wave, and the high price of some raw materials, the small and medium-sized chemical enterprises are still not speaking out of turn has ushered in a long time of spring.