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General secretary xi jinping: the private economy will surely achieve greater development


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On the morning of November 1, xi presided over a symposium for private enterprises and delivered an important speech in Beijing.


"We have never wavered in our policy of encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of the non-public sector of the economyIn this extraordinary symposium, xi's words warm heart and lifted the heart of private entrepreneurs.Let's see!


01. For a long time, private entrepreneurs have organized and led millions of workers to make strenuous efforts, make arduous efforts and make continuous innovation with their pioneering awareness of innovation and perseverance.China's economic development can create a Chinese miracle, the private economy is indispensable!


We stress that we should consolidate and develop the public sector of the economy, and that it is not in opposition to encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of the non-public sector of the economy.The public and non-public sectors of the economy should complement each other and complement each other instead of mutually excluding and offsetting each other.


For some time, some people in the society have made some remarks that negate and doubt the private economy.For example, some people put forward the so-called "field theory of private economy", saying that private economy has completed its mission and should withdraw from the historical stage.Some people put forward the so-called "new public-private partnership theory", misinterpreted the current mixed ownership reform as a new round of "public-private partnership";Some people say that strengthening enterprise party building and labor union work is to control private enterprises, and so on.These claims are totally false and do not conform to the party's general policy.


I would like to emphasize again that the status and role of the non-public economy in China's economic and social development has not changed!We have not changed our policy of encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of the non-public sector of the economy.We are committed to the development of non-public sector of the economy to create a good environment and provide more opportunities policy has not changed!


The basic economic system of our country has been written into the constitution and the party constitution.Any words and deeds that deny, doubt and shake our country's basic economic system do not conform to the party's and state policies and principles, do not listen to, do not believe!All private enterprises and private entrepreneurs can eat the peace of mind, to seek development!


The basic economic system is the one we must insist on for a long time.Private economy is the internal element of our economic system, and private enterprises and private entrepreneurs are our own people.


In the new journey of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and building a modern socialist country in all respects, China's private economy can only be strengthened and cannot be weakened.


08. The current difficulties encountered by some private economies are realistic, or even quite severe, and must be highly valued.At the same time, we should also recognize that these difficulties are difficulties in development, problems in progress and problems in growth, and can certainly be solved in development.I believe that as long as we adhere to the basic economic system and implement the party and national policies, the private economy will surely achieve greater development.


09. In the process of China's economic development, we need to constantly create a better environment for private economy, help private economy to solve the difficulties in development, support the reform and development of private enterprises, turn pressure into power, let the sources of private economic innovation flow fully, and let private economy create vitality fully.


10. We should attach great importance to the issue of triangular debts and correct the practices of some government departments and large enterprises that use their advantageous position to bully the small and default on the payments of private enterprises.


11. We should break all kinds of "shutter doors", "glass doors" and "revolving doors" to create a level playing field for private enterprises in terms of market access, examination and approval, operation and operation, bidding and tendering, and civil-military integration, and create sufficient market space for the development of private enterprises.


12. Each department in each region should proceed from reality, improve work art and management level, strengthen policy coordination, refine and quantify policies and measures, formulate related supporting measures, and promote the implementation, refinement and implementation of all policies, so that private enterprises can gain more sense from policies.We need to implement the same standards for enterprises of all types of ownership in order to eliminate overcapacity and leverage. We must not implement policies with colored spectacles.


Party committees and governments at all levels should implement the requirements of building a new pro-qing political and business relationship, take supporting the development of private enterprises as an important task, and devote more time and energy to the development of private enterprises and the growth of private entrepreneurs.


14. Regarding some irregular behaviors in the history of some private enterprises, we should view the problems from the perspective of development, and deal with them according to the principle of legality of crimes and the principle of zero suspicion of crimes, so that entrepreneurs can unload their burden of thought and move forward lightly.


15. The new generation of private entrepreneurs should inherit and carry forward the spirit of the older generation of people who work hard, dare to venture, focus on industry and concentrate on the main business, and strive to make the enterprise stronger and better.