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Abrasivestocks.com into henan yida


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On November 2, 2018, abrasivestocks.com Zhang Zhou Sir, Mr Yang and ms x visited henan Ye new material technology co., LTD., with Mr Lv Fengming Mr, goofy and Mr Fang Ya ice, the two sides have Ye company's achievements and development direction, the development of new ones industrial park, the importance of technology for quality of products, abrasive inventory net the exact problem, foreign trade way of the project the development direction of the transformation and upgrading, industry, specific how to combine the theory and practice problems and environmental problems in detail.


Henan yida xincai technology co., LTD., founded in 2005, is headquartered in shengrun industrial park, xinmiliu zhai town, zhengzhou city, henan province.At present, the company has two production bases of zhengzhou and linfen in henan province, with annual output of black corundum section sand, particle size sand and micro powder of more than 30,000 tons, and domestic market share of more than 60%.The company has devoted itself to research in cooperation with professional universities, cooperated with foreign leading technology enterprises for development, developed product chain and technology chain crossing, built a complete and perfect special ceramic material industry chain, and related products have reached nuclear industry and military industry standards.The company USES waste reclaimed slag as raw material to produce more than 40 varieties of ceramic materials and abrasive materials.It is a leading enterprise in the global black corundum industry with advanced technology and the most core competitiveness.


In the aspect of product research and development, henan yida has possessed the core technology of black corundum production through independent innovation, which is in the leading level of technology in similar products in the same industry in China, and now has 20 patents.In terms of talent cultivation, we cooperate with professional colleges and international experts in various ways, so that the research and development team grows rapidly and gradually masters the cutting-edge technology in the industry.In the global brand building and strengthening exports, henan yida and abrasive inventory network, there will be more contact points for cooperation.


Xinmi industrial agglomeration zone is the only provincial-level industrial agglomeration zone approved by the provincial government at the end of 2008. Located in the east of quliang town, xinmi city, the planned area is 7.6 square kilometers, and the built-up area is 2.6 square kilometers.The industrial cluster of xinmi city is located in the half hour economic circle of zhengzhou city, with convenient transportation and superior location.The leading industry is garment processing and equipment manufacturing, with an area of 4.2 square kilometers.Since the construction in 2009, under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the management committee of the zone has shown a good development trend, relying on its own advantages and focusing on strengthening the basic framework and the project of investment attraction and capital introduction, and strongly promoting the construction and development of the industrial agglomeration area.Just the day before yesterday, xi jinping presided over a symposium for private enterprises in Beijing and delivered an important speech, giving private enterprises a sense of reassurance.In the future, under the promotion of the new policy and under the leadership of xinmi industrial park, henan yida will seek improvement in stability, faster and better development.


Later, abrasivestocks.com and abrasivestocks.com exchanged in-depth and detailed views on the development of the abrasive and abrasive industries.Abrasivestocks.com, founded in January 2018, is affiliated with henan Stoic grinding technology co., LTD., located in zhengzhou, capital of grinding materials of the world.It is a global leading vertical B2B trading platform focusing on abrasive materials inventory and stock.The company is committed to integrating the information of global abrasive material stock spot, taking destocking as the entry point, to make the information of grinding industry more symmetrical and open, to select high-quality suppliers for foreign purchasers, and to help more small, medium and micro abrasive production enterprises in China to directly contact overseas purchasers.The abrasive inventory network, the foreign trade department of the grinding enterprise, buy abrasive, destock and export, go to abrasivestocks.com.

After profound communication, henan yida believes that the project of abrasivestocks.com is a project worthy of attention, which is beneficial to the development of abrasive and abrasive industry and can effectively solve the pain points of the industry, namely inventory, brand and export.At the same time, abrasivestocks.com also introduced yida's future development ideas and actions.

At present, for the grinding industry, the biggest problem is destocking. Therefore, tracing to the source, inventory is largely caused by the relatively asymmetric and relatively opaque information of the current industry.As the saying goes, if you want to rich, first build roads, in today's Internet era of rapid development, we should not only fix the offline highway, bridge and so on, more to the online Internet channel fixed abrasive, abrasive, abrasive industry, online through our channels in all directions, only in this way, the rapid development of our industry can be in the clear.As for us to do all kinds of member enterprises, is in order to make more good development, member enterprises to better development, will have to put any overseers pulse through two of the industry, we do service, for example, to carry the SV membership information to participate in the domestic industry exhibition (worth 5000 yuan each), SV members to carry data in four professional exhibition abroad (30000 yuan each value);VI design manual set (worth RMB 3,000);Provide independent website to display corporate image;Enterprise panoramic section (worth 5000 yuan);Stock push (StocksTweet) global release;Assisted in completing SGS enterprise certification (worth 8000 yuan);Priority to contact domestic and foreign customers;Export free full trusteeship and so on, are to open up channels, accelerate the development of the industry, and achieve a win-win situation.


The two sides also discussed many aspects of abrasive and abrasive tools, and discussed the importance of the logic of the production chain in the face of the technical cost of products.The advantages and disadvantages of the segmentation are discussed.The paper discusses the importance of the moral restraint of the honesty declaration and the legal restraint of the contract clause.In the aspect of environmental protection, the great effect of technological progress on environmental protection is emphasized.