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Abrasivestocks.com next station – Russia


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The Abrasivestocks.com is dedicated to helping small, medium and micro enterprises in China to go out. Our next stop will take SV enterprises to participate in the international metallurgical casting steel and pipe wire exhibition in Russia.


When: November 13-16, 2018 where: Moscow all-russia exhibition center


Organizing committee: Russian metal exhibition company exhibition cycle: once a year


Booth no. : 1B70


The 24th Russia international metallurgical casting steel & pipe &wire Exhibition 2018 will be held in Moscow's all-russia Exhibition Center from nov 13-16.The exhibition is one of the most famous metallurgical exhibitions in the world and has become the largest metallurgical steel industry exhibition in Russia. The exhibition consists of two parts, namely "metallurgy exhibition" and "non-ferrous metal exhibition". In 2013, the exhibition will be extended to all relevant industries such as metal smelting, mining and adding auxiliary materials, metallurgical casting, casting, pipe wire and metal treatment, etc.10th international exhibition for steel products & structures for construction Metall Stroy Forum 2018 and exhibition for equipment & technologies for steel industry &Metalworking Metallurg Mash '2018).So 2018 will be expanded to a total of 22 show topics. The last exhibition attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries or regions, with an exhibition area of 27,000 square meters and more than 40,000 professional visitors, among them. Besides the exhibition, there are also technical exchange activities such as expert meetings, seminars and symposiums.



The exhibition industry of science and technology got the Russian federation, federation of the economic development ministry of trade, exhibition center, across the country Russia metal and steel trading business association, association of international fair (UFI), metal exporters Russia federation, the international federation of metal, Russia, cis and Baltic countries exhibit federation, federation of industry and commerce chamber of commerce and other units of the support. In 2018, we will continue to organize the exhibition, and explore the metallurgical casting and steel industry in Russia and eastern Europe together with you.


Market background: Russia has a strong industrial base and complete departments, mainly in machinery, steel, metallurgy, energy and heavy chemical industries . As the basic industry of national economy, iron and steel industry plays an important role in the economic development of Russia. After more than a decade of adjustment after the collapse of the Soviet union, Russian industry has shown strong growth momentum, with Russia's GDP growing by 1.8 percent year-on-year in 2017, or about $1.35 trillion, with per capita GDP close to $9,500.With the rapid development of economy, the steel industry has been fully recovered, and some steel products are in short supply. China's refractories , carbon products and equipment, spare parts, continuous casting technology, stainless steel, pipe, construction steel, automobile steel, as well as testing and monitoring instruments, technical equipment, etc. have strong competitiveness in Russia, with broad market prospects. China and Russia are close neighbors with obvious geographical advantages. It is of great significance to push forward China's metallurgical equipment, technology and products to Russia market, to promote the rapid development of sino-russian steel trade and economic and technological cooperation, and to seize the commanding height of Russian steel market.



Exhibits: mineral raw materials, smelting equipment, the manufacture and production of black and non-ferrous metals; Various kinds of pipes and wires; All kinds of profiles and plates; Stainless steel, special steel and various alloy materials; Various metal wires: electrodes and carbon products; Metal processing equipment, tools, techniques, etc.; Testing and control system; Casting production process and technology; Refractory materials and metallurgical furnace materials; All kinds of casting, precision casting. Metal tools, finishing, industrial furnace, metal forming, welding and cutting, surface treatment equipment. The iron and steel industry; Transport and logistics; E - commerce and information technology.