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2018 China foshan abrasives and grinding exhibition


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Abrasivestocks.com, together with guangdong abrasive tool association for the first time, launched the 2018 China foshan abrasive tool grinding exhibition invitation work!


China (foshan) abrasive tool grinding exhibition will be held in foshan on November 28, 2018!


Holding the grinding industry communication conference at the same time, focusing on abrasive tools, abrasive materials, ultra-hard materials and grinding products, covering the latest technology and products of abrasive tools grinding industry, and providing professional grinding solutions. The committee has set up 500 standard booths with an area of about 2,000 square meters. This is a grand exchange meeting for the abrasive materials and tools industry in 2018.


Sponsor BBS accepts brand release, investment attraction release, technology release, cooperation release, project release, agency release! 


Opening ceremony:

2018 China foshan abrasives grinding exhibition

2018 China foshan hardware tools expo


When: nov 28, 2018 10-11 am

Location: area B, guangfo international hardware and electrical city


The third "One Belt And One Road" abrasive and abrasive tool industry BBS

When: nov 28, 2018 3-5 PM

Venue: huangqi restaurant, foshan


2019 annual meeting of professional committee of abrasive and abrasive tools in guangdong province

World: November 28, 2018 6-9 PM

Venue: huangqi restaurant, foshan


Opening of Abrasivestocks.com


1- fair fee standard

A standard booth: 2,000 yuan for one (2,000 yuan) 3 x 3 meters

B light floor booth 200 yuan/square meter, 36 square order. 


2- all exhibitors are complimentary

A: A double room for three nights

B: a business card advertisement in the commission magazine.

C: each exhibitor has two invitations to attend the BBS and 28 annual meeting dinner hosted by the committee.


Exhibition address: foshan pingping guangfo international hardware city B zone market.

Big welfare


Through the Abrasivestocks.com registration channel registration participation, enjoy all the rights and interests. Add "grinding enterprise (China) good faith declaration", you can contact customer service to get cash 500 yuan, cash!


During the exhibition, I forwarded the specified content of Abrasivestocks.com to my friend circle three times. With the screenshot of my friend circle, I can contact the customer service WeChat below and get 500 yuan in cash again.


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