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Abrasivestocks-2018 guangzhou sanmo exhibition grand occasion


Reading guidance:

1. Introduce the activities of the declaration of integrity of grinding enterprises (China)

2. Online recommendation of abrasivestocks

3. Guangdong radio and television station - today's innovative program - abrasivestocks, on the road

4. Signing ceremony for zhengzhou hongyun micro powder co., ltd. to join the abrasivestocks SUPER VIP member

5.Happy boutique inventory bidding

6. SV member enterprise recommendation

(1) Zibo Jinlong Abrasives and Abrasive Tools CO.,LTD.

(2) Shandong Ruishi Abrasive Co., Ltd.  

(3) Zhengzhou Tongxin Abrasive co., LTD

(4)Xingyang Huaxing Corundum Products Factory 


(6) Shandong Shuangyang New Material technology co. ltd

(7) Qinyang Sanhui Abrasives Co.,Ltd. 

7. Development plan of abrasivestock