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Cooperation Shipping company----Tianjin Sino-State International transportation Co., Ltd.


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Tianjin Sino-State International transportation Co., Ltd. is an international freight forwarding company approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Trade, with a registered capital of 5 million. It is an enterprise of the International Freight Forwarders Association of Tianjin. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the enterprise tenet of “service only has a starting point, satisfaction has no end”, and adheres to the principle of “integrity, fast and efficient”. After the unremitting efforts of all employees, the company develops rapidly from the initial single port cargo. The agency model has developed into a large-scale agency integrating marine chartering, port agency, customs declaration, inspection, warehousing, land transportation, railway transportation and air transportation. Since its establishment, the company has established good cooperative relations with customs, port service departments, commodity inspection departments, railway transportation departments and major shipping companies. With excellent professional services, the company has won the trust of customers and has been recognized by all walks of life in the highly competitive freight market.

The company's main business is international freight forwarding (marine, land, air), concurrently engaged in cargo transit, customs declaration, inspection and other agency business, and provide customers with on-site care of goods, control of various customs declaration documents, import exchange orders, Collection of shipping charges, door-to-door delivery, delivery and other services. He has extensive practical experience in contracting cargo transportation and has handled door-to-door transportation of goods such as automobiles, minerals, heavy equipment and accessories.

The company is located in Tianjin, the fifth largest port city in China. "Based on Tianjin Port, serving the world" is the long-term corporate strategy of Century Winbond. In order to provide customers with timely and efficient services, the company's office location is located in the Civic Square, 3 minutes walk from the light rail station, drive to Xingang Customs and About 10 minutes for the new port terminal

And we have a well-trained port service team that will provide customers with 24-hour extension services unconditionally: including export supervision and photographing of various types of containerized goods; import unpacking; various reinforcements, support and wraps Membrane, ground receiving and warehousing of bulk cargo; coordinating special problems arising from customs inspection; even including designing import and export logistics solutions according to customer requirements.

In order to better provide our customers with international services, we have joined the WCA International Freight Forwarders Association and become a member of the WCA World Family. At the same time, we have more than 4,000 agent networks around the world to provide customers with worldwide Door to door extension service.

Over the years, the company has resolutely implemented the management concept of “excellence”, standardized business processes, and strictly controlled the quality of service. Every employee is required to fully participate and cooperate closely to provide customers with sea, land and air transportation agents, warehousing and logistics. Orientation service. Strict management not only won the recognition of customers, but also cultivated a high-quality workforce for the company.

Since the establishment of the company, we have invested considerable strength in engineering logistics and have achieved some results. The following is a list of the performance of bulk goods that I have operated in recent years:

1. Alstom Hydropower Project:

   In 2012, our company shipped to Tianjin Alstom Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd.

  Engineering equipment, the company's equipment features more batches, more large pieces, port receiving

  It is difficult, so we arrange a person to be responsible for receiving the goods at any time.

 2. China Huadian Heavy Industry Project:

  From June 2012 to February 2013, a total of three batches of China Huadian Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. were engaged in the construction of engineering materials and construction machinery for power plants in Indonesia, which were shipped from Xingang to Adipara (Indonesia). Responsible for port receiving and chartering bookings, the three batches of goods have more than 100 tons of large pieces of goods. The renting and floating cranes are also arranged by our company. The whole process is closely connected and has not been missed. Highly praised by customers.

3. Northern vehicle export barracks:

  In December 2012, our company shipped 3 batches of construction camps to Venezuela for China North Vehicle Co., Ltd. The size of the barracks was 12.2MX 3M X 2.77M, and there were more than 100 sets per batch. The goods could not be coded and shipped. It is more concentrated, so it is an arduous task for the port to receive the goods. As we have made more adequate preparations and coordination work in advance, with the cooperation of the comrades of the Port Authority, the port receiving work has been successfully completed, and there is basically no car pressing phenomenon.

4. Beijing COSCO Export Wind Power Fan Blade

5. Cambodia Erdos Hongjun Power Project:

In January 2013, we participated in the transportation of equipment equipment for the Hongjun Electric Power Plant in Erdos, Cambodia. Our company is mainly responsible for the transportation of the boiler part of the project, which is delivered from Shanghai Port to Sihanoukville Port of Cambodia. Including port receiving, booking, customs declaration, loading. The main body of the boiler is oversized and overweight. The operation of the port is extremely difficult. It is necessary to use the floating crane of the dock. All the work of our company is to make every effort to coordinate and coordinate. The operation process is completed in one go, and no cargo and personnel problems have arisen.

6. China Railway Materials Group Beijing Co., Ltd. domestic coal waterway transportation:

 In September 2012, our company began to cooperate with China Railway Materials Beijing Co., Ltd. to carry the thermal coal of the company from Tianjin Port to Jiujiang Jingjiu Logistics Terminal, with 15,000-20,000 tons per voyage and 2 ships per month. The cargo transportation needs to be transported by sea to the South, and then transported to Jiujiang by three barges, which is the most high-risk and technical content of bulk cargo transportation. Since the cooperation of our company, the cooperation has not caused a loss of goods, and it has won unanimous praise from China Railway and related departments.

7. Zhejiang Tenglong Metallurgical Nickel Mine Import:

In November 2011, it began to cooperate with Zhejiang Tenglong Metallurgy to transport the company's Indonesian imports to Lianyungang, Zhanjiang and Tianjin. Our company is mainly responsible for chartering and import customs clearance. Imported 50,000 tons per month. Since the seller negotiated by the customer is Indonesian ANTAM company, the company has extremely high requirements on the age of the ship. Our company has made great efforts to meet the requirements of customers.

8. Dalian Tide Coal:

In August 2012, it cooperated with Tide Coal to carry the company's Dalian to Dongying coal. 5,000 tons per voyage, one boat per week.

9. Lianyungang Zhonghai Logistics Group:

In 2010, our company began to cooperate with the company to carry iron ore imported from Indonesia. Our company is mainly responsible for chartering business. The monthly volume is around 50,000-100,000 tons. Since the cooperation for more than three years, under the serious work of our company, there have been no problems such as delays in goods and demurrage caused by the chartering. Our company has become one of the most stable partners of China Shipping Logistics Group.

"Proactive, never satisfied" is the entrepreneurial spirit of our company and the driving force for our development.

“Based on service and win the trust of customers”

“Customer satisfaction is the standard for measuring our performance”

Companies adhering to the company's purpose and dedication to provide you with our comprehensive services.

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