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Do abrasive don't know 3M company


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I believe that anyone who is an abrasive should know more or less about 3M. Whether we are making consolidated moulds or coated abrasives, it is necessary to know 3M, because this company is closely related to our abrasive industry.


3M introduction

3M company, also known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company, was founded in 1902 and headquartered in st. Paul, Minnesota, USA. 3M company is a world-famous multinational corporation with diversified products.3M is a global diversified technology enterprise founded in 1902. It is famous for innovation and numerous products. It produces tens of thousands of innovative products and takes a leading position in the core markets of medical products, highway safety, office cultural and educational products and optical products.3M provides products and services to customers in nearly 200 countries around the world. Its products have penetrated into people's life, from household products to medical supplies, from transportation, construction to commerce, education and electronics, communication and other fields, which have greatly changed people's life and work style.On July 19, 2018, the fortune 500 list was released, with 3M ranked 376.


Current situation of the development of3M Company (formerly known as the Minnesota Mining andManufacturing Company) is part of the U.S. dow Jones industrial component index.It is a world-renowned company with global sales (2013) of $30.8 billion and overseas sales of $19.7 billion (64% of the total).


3M offers diversified and high-quality products and services to customers in nearly 200 countries around the world.3M operates in more than 70 countries worldwide, has factories in 38 countries and has laboratories in 35 countries.


3M is a world-renowned multinational corporation with diversified products.Known for innovation and product variety, more than 60,000 high quality products have been developed in its 100-year history.Over the past century, 3M products have been deeply involved in people's life, covering various fields, including industry, chemical engineering, electronics, electrical, communications, transportation, automobile, aviation, medical care, safety, architecture, cultural and educational office, business and household consumer goods, which have greatly changed people's life and work style.In the modern world, 50 percent of the world's people have direct or indirect access to 3M products every day.


Innovation process

In 1902, five young men set up a mining company in shuanggang, Minnesota. They began to mine only ore, but soon found that ore had better prospects.This is the beginning of 3M.

In 1910, the company moved to the head office is located in Minnesota, Sao Paulo, and in 1914 launched the first exclusive product Three - M - ite ™ emery cloth.This is where the process of innovation unfolds.In 1921, the world's first waterproof abrasive sandpaper Wetordry ™ was born in 3 m and registered patent, grinding for industry started a new era.In 1924, 3M began formal product development.In 1939, he invented the world's first reflective traffic sign. He also invented the world's first recording tape.


Since then, pausing ™ masking tape, pausing ™ cellophane tape, pausing ™ vinyl electrical insulating tape, can be diapers paste adhesive tape and other innovative products appeared.Especially the Post was born in 1980 - it ™ post-it notes, revolutionary changes have taken place in information communication.The emergence of endless innovative products confirms every improvement of 3M.Post - it ™, Scotchgard ™, pausing ™, Thinsulate ™, Filtrete ™, pausing Brite ™, Nomad ™, Dyneon ™, Nexcare ™...The various products under one well-known brand after another are promoted to the world, influencing and changing people's lifestyle and habits.


For a century, 3M has been pushing the limits of technology, constantly improving, combining and creating. It has developed more than 60,000 products.This world-renowned diversified technology company is full of products: from handy post-it notes, to traffic signs on roads and colorful advertising stickers, 3M can be found in almost every field, from household goods to medical supplies, from mobile phones to laptops to cars.It was 3M innovation management and 3M innovation technology that led to a lot of interesting stories about the inventions of 3M scientists.



3M innovation history

3M started in the small town of Two Harbors, Minnesota, on lake superior in 1902.Five businessmen came to mine deposits in search of grinding wheels.But the deposits proved to be of little value, and the Minnesota mining and manufacturing company that had just set up moved to nearby Duluth to specialise in sandpaper products.


Five hard-working, committed businessmen from northern Minnesota, with different backgrounds, co-founded 3M.They invest in mining for grinding wheel abrasive.Like many companies in the early 20th century, 3M started as a company before conducting research.Faced with failure, they were not discouraged and eventually turned the investment into a lucrative venture.


After years of struggle, 3M finally produced quality products and built its supply chain.New investors have been drawn in, such as Lucius Ordway, who pushed for the relocation of the company to Sao Paulo in 1910.Early technological and marketing innovations began to pay off, and in 1916 the company first realized a dividend of 6 cents per share.


The world's first waterproof sandpaper was successfully developed in the early 1920s to reduce dust pollution in the air of the automobile manufacturing process.The company reached its second major milestone in 1925, when young laboratory assistant Richard g. Drew invented masking tape, an innovative step toward diversity.Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape series of products in the first product.In the years that followed, as technology improved, the company rolled out another version of Scotch&reg.Cellophane tape, and soon hundreds of USES were discovered.


In his 40 s, 3 m for the defense materials for world war ii, and develop more new products, such as identification for highway Scotchlite reflective film, tape, fiber tape, etc., 3 m is also began to be developed from the offset plate, thus entered the field of graphic design.


Launched Thermo - Fax in the 50 s, 3 m copy process, Scotchgard fabric protection materials, tapes, pausing - Brite clean pad and several kinds of new mechanical and electrical products.The dry silver film came out in the sixties, when photographic products, carbon-free paper, projection systems, and other products were introduced. Meanwhile, the business of health care products grew rapidly, and medical and dental products came out in large Numbers.In the 1970s and 1980s, the market of pharmaceutical, radiology and energy control industries expanded further.In the 1980s, 3M introduced post-it&reg posters, which opened up a whole new category of marketing and changed the way people communicated and worked.In the 1990s, the company's sales topped $15 billion.3M continues to develop a range of innovative products, including immune response modifiers, brightening film for electronic displays and flexible circuits for inkjet printers, mobile phones and other electronic devices.


In 2004, sales exceeded $20 billion for the first time, and innovative products contributed significantly to growth.Recent innovations include post-it&reg ultra sticker, Scotch&reg transparent duct tape, optical film for LCD TV sets and new scotch-brite&reg cleaning products that provide the right amount of scrub to meet the needs of various cleaning operations.


In 2007, pausing - Brite brand launched a first built-in bleach disposable toilet cleaning brush.As a model to improve the household environment of other innovative product has been launched, such as hinge used for corner and pausing - Blue painters masking tape used to remove the furniture and design pet hair pausing Fur Fighter hand hair adsorption cleaner (2008) 2008, 3 m scientists developed a breakthrough of ultra compact LED lighting projection engine, can be integrated with the personal electronic devices, including 3 m Micro Professional Mpro 110 projector,Since then, the product has been updated and brought about technical improvements.During the same year, as potential public health emergencies such as the flu gained global attention, various 3M masks became the first products approved for public use by the U.S. food and drug administration.


In 2009, 3 m health care department launched the 3 m Littmann®The type 3200 electronic stethoscope, a next-generation stethoscope, can use bluetooth to wirelessly transmit the sounds of the heart, lungs and other body parts to software for further analysis.This year, the footprint of the 3 m innovation is not only involved in health care industry field of telemedicine, and in the grinding industry also launched 3 m Cubitron II fiber grinding wheels and metal processing.Using patented ceramic abrasive particle technology, the structure extends the life of the abrasive by up to three times.


In 2010, 3M won the ENERGY STAR&reg award for the sixth year in a row as more energy-saving operations were introduced, and a large number of innovative products were highly environmentally friendly, demonstrating the company's commitment to sustainability.In 2011, 3M and IBM announced that they will jointly develop a new adhesive material.The material can help the chip towers to stack tightly and realize the 3D packaging of the semiconductor.


In 2012, 3M and Nippon Paint held a signing ceremony at the headquarters of Nippon Paint in China today, announcing the formal establishment of a strategic partnership, complementing each other through channel promotion and technology r&d, and achieving win-win cooperation for long-term development in the Chinese market.In 2012, 3 m's renewable energy with Gossamer Space Frames company jointly launched the world's largest trough Solar array, using the 3 m Solar Mirror Film 1100 Solar Mirror Film, to focus on Solar energy.In 2013, 3 m company with leading domestic office supplies enterprise office work in shenzhen signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be formally in the product, channel, and many other aspects all-round cooperation, realize the complementary advantages, thus through more convenient channel for the domestic foreign instrument supplies consumers with high quality cultural and educational products with international standards.


About 3M China LTD

Founded in 1902, 3M is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Minnesota.As a world-leading diversified technology innovation enterprise, 3M's products and technologies have been deeply integrated into people's lives.For more than 100 years, 3M has developed nearly 70,000 products, ranging from household goods to medical products, from transportation and construction to commerce, education and electronics, communications and more.


3M China limited was incorporated in China in November 1984 and is affiliated to 3M. It is the first wholly foreign-owned enterprise in China established outside shenzhen special economic zone.So far, 3M has set up 11 production bases, 27 offices, four technology centers and two r&d centers in China, with more than 8,200 employees.


As one of the earliest wholly foreign-owned enterprises to enter China, 3M China has been closely following the development pulse of China's economy for over 30 years, adhering to the localized development strategy of "taking root in China and serving China", and actively supporting the construction and development of China's economy with diversified technologies and solutions.From infrastructure construction to the rise of manufacturing industry, from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, from export driven to domestic consumption, 3M closely connects the development strategy of enterprises with China's development pace and helps the rapid development of Chinese market.This makes 3M one of the most successful companies to localize in China.


3M China is committed to developing innovative technologies and products that meet the needs of local markets and customers, and focuses on the cultivation of innovative talents.At present, 3M China has more than 700 local researchers, has contributed more than 1,000 local patented inventions, and plays an extremely important role in 3M's global research and development network.


3M China is actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, actively participating in environmental protection, poverty alleviation and disaster reduction, and promoting volunteer action.3M China's efforts have been widely recognized by the society, won many honors such as "the most leading enterprise in greater China", "the most admired foreign-invested enterprise in China" and "the top 20 most respected companies in Asia", and has been listed as one of the top 500 companies in China for many times.