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Application of boron carbide


Reading guidance:

1) nozzle material: boron carbide is an important nozzle material due to its high hardness and excellent wear resistance.Boron carbide nozzles have the advantages of long life, low cost, time saving and high efficiency.

2) neutron absorption and radiation-proof material: element B has a neutron-absorbing section of up to 600barn, and is the main material ***ed for the decelerating element -- control rod or radiation-proof component of nuclear reactor.

3) composite armor material: it is used as light body armor and bulletproof armor material by virtue of its characteristics such as light weight, ultra-hard and high modulus.The body armor made of boron carbide is more than 50% lighter than the steel body armor.Boron carbide is also an important bulletproof armor material for land armored vehicles, helicopter gunships and civilian airliners.

4) semiconductor industrial components and thermoelectric components: boron carbide ceramics have semiconductor characteristics and better thermal conductivity, which can be used as high-temperature semiconductor components, as well as gas distribution disk, focusing ring, microwave or infrared window, DC plug and so on in the semiconductor industry.B4C and C can be used for high temperature thermocouple elements, use the temperature as high as 2300 ℃, at the same time also can be used as a radiation thermoelectric elements;

5) abrasive: the high hardness of B4C enables it to be used as a good wear-resistant material or wear-reducing material. Boron carbide is used to replace diamond abrasive, and it is used in polishing, precision lapping or grinding of cemented carbide and engineering ceramics, which can significantly reduce the cost of the grinding process.B4C coating can also be applied to the substrate to form a protective film to improve the wear resistance of the matrix.For example, applying B4C coating to the gear surface of the gearbox can effectively improve the wear resistance and life of the gear.