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Characteristics of wide grinding wheel grinding


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Characteristics of wide grinding wheel grinding

1. The grinding wheel can grind the forming surface after forming and dressing, which can ensure the forming accuracy of the parts; at the same time, because of the use of cut-in grinding, it is more efficient than longitudinal reciprocating grinding.

2. Due to the large grinding width, the grinding force and grinding power are large, and the heat generated during grinding is also large. Cooling should be strengthened.

3. Due to the wide width of the grinding wheel, the spindle cantilever extends longer.

4. The hardness of the grinding wheel is required to be uniform not only in the circumferential direction, but also in the axial direction, otherwise the grinding wheel will be unevenly worn, affecting the accuracy and surface quality of the processed workpiece.


Due to the above-mentioned grinding characteristics, wide grinding wheels are suitable for grinding large quantities of workpieces, such as spline shafts, motor shafts, drive shafts for automobile tractors, and twist drills.


The use of wide grinding wheels on the production line can reduce the number of grinders and floor space.