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Application of abrasive


Reading guidance:

Grinding purpose

As a kind of particle material with high hardness, the application of grinding is its most important application.Only a small amount of abrasive used for grinding paste or spraying cleaning, cutting, etc are used directly, the vast majority of abrasive use porcelain, resin and rubber binder is made from sand grinding wheel, whetstone, grinding head, grinding tool such as consolidation, or plastic, resin adhesive bonding in the flexible substrate materials such as cloth, paper made on affix, used to cut or polishing.

2. Non-grinding purpose

(1) non-grinding use of silicon carbide,

The non-grinding use of silicon carbide has developed the fastest. According to the literature, the current world output of silicon carbide is 300% as abrasive material, 25% as refractory material, 44% as steelmaking deoxidizer, and 1% for other non-grinding USES (such as electric heating element, lightning arrester valve plate, cast iron modifier, high-temperature semiconductor material, etc.).

(2) non-grinding use of corundum

The non - grinding USES of corundum are mainly refractories and engineering ceramics.It's growing fast.Today, about 70 percent of domestic corundum is used as abrasive, 20 percent as refractory and 10 percent for other non-grinding purposes.Advanced industrial countries: 40% for abrasive, 40% for refractory materials, 20% for other USES.