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Strengthen enterprise brand awareness


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Brand is the soul of an enterprise's existence and development

Brand is the soul of an enterprise, is an enterprise existence and the value pillar.Therefore, only by valuing the brand and building the soul of its own development, can Chinese enterprises transform from the current "world factory" into a world-class company.

Brands represent the competitiveness of an enterprise

Good brands can bring higher sales to the enterprise, and can make their products or services more competitive with little cost.Brand has become the most valuable asset of an enterprise, owning the market is more important than owning the enterprise, and the only way to own the market is to own the brand that dominates the market.Thus it can be seen that brand and brand building has become the key for enterprises to build market competitiveness.

Currently, small and medium-sized enterprises have a very low awareness of the brand. Abrasive inventory network has targeted at our SV enterprises to carry out systematic brand VI design, so as to improve the awareness of enterprise brand and enhance market competitiveness.

Weng xiangdong, a famous brand strategy expert, believes that the fate of a brand depends largely on the brand's genes, and the VI design is an important part of the brand genes.The excellent and recognizable VI design not only greatly reduces the cost of brand building, but also injects the temperament of a big brand into the brand.Therefore, VI design is not only an artistic work, but also a consideration of brand strategy. Only with strategic height can VI design be called excellent.

Abrasive inventory network in accordance with international standards to SV member enterprises comprehensive VI system upgrade.

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VI (Visual Identity), translated as the Visual recognition system, is the most powerful and infectious part of the CIS system.It is to transform the non-visual contents of CI into static visual recognition symbols, and conduct the most direct communication on the most extensive level with abundant and diversified application forms.It is a fast and convenient way to spread the business idea, establish the reputation of the enterprise and shape the enterprise image.

This can be achieved through VI design.Internally the consent of the employee's identity, a sense of belonging, strengthen enterprise cohesion, establish the whole image of the enterprise, resources integration, has control of the enterprise information conveyed to the audience, through visual codes, constantly strengthening the consciousness of audience, for identification, which boasts its own special system of visual symbols to attract public attention and memory, make consumers to the enterprise products or services provided to produce the highest brand loyalty.