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2019 China Grinding and Polishing Robot Development Forum was held at the Zhibo Conference.


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■2019 China Grinding and Polishing Robot Development Forum was held at the Zhibo Conference. 

On the afternoon of May 9 th, the 2019 China polishing Robot Development Forum was solemnly held in Dongguan. More than 300 people attended the meeting from experts in the field of robot grinding and polishing, well-known manufacturers, related spare parts and system Integrators, as well as representatives of grinding and polishing robot application enterprises.

The meeting was co-sponsored by Dongguan Municipal people's Government, China Robot Industry Alliance, Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Informatization, Houjie Town people's Government, Hong Kong Xutong Exhibition Company, and was jointly hosted by the China Machinery Industry Federation. Guangdong robot association, Dongguan robot industry association strong support. The conference was presided over by Hao Yucheng, secretary-general of China Robot Industry Alliance, and Chen Zhijun, deputy secretary-general of Dongguan Municipal Government, attended and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, Zhang Xiaojian, associate professor of the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and you Hongxiu, Taiwan Convenor of the expert Technical Committee on intellectual Manufacturing Common Standards on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, Li Benwang, Minister of Industrial Robot Inspection, National Robot quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Chongqing), Li Guangxin, Chairman of Guangdong Ehua Road Robot Engineering Co., Ltd. The intelligent grinding and polishing technology and equipment of large and complex components robot, the application standard and application case of robot grinding and polishing are introduced respectively. Application testing Certification and Technology Development of Robot lapping and polishing "Application practice of Metal Product polishing Robot" and other topics. In addition, there are more than 10 Some experts and key enterprise representatives in the field of polishing robot have shared their case and experience on the development of polishing robot industry in terms of national policy, industry development trend, user demand, cutting edge technology and other aspects of the national policy, industry development trend, user needs, and cutting edge technology.

This activity will continue to deepen the understanding of customer needs and pain points in the robot industry, guide the user industry to improve the awareness of the robot industry, improve the willingness and confidence to use robots, and vigorously promote the large-scale application of robots in various industries.