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Abrasivestocks Network perfect closing of American Exhibition


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Mr. Yang Heng, CEO, abrasive inventory Network, and Mr. Rex Hadly, head of North American Market, abrasive Storage Network, On April 27, 2019, Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia World Convention Center, Atlanta, participated in the three-year casting exhibition co-hosted by the American Foundry Society and the North American Die casting Association.

CastExpo is the stage of comprehensive display of the latest foundry products and technologies by the suppliers of this industry, and is one of the world famous exhibitions of the foundry industry. The exhibition area of 350000 square meters, 500 exhibitors, tens of thousands of spectators, the scene spectacular. Well-known enterprises from all over the world participated in the exhibition.

During the exhibition, abrasive inventory network actively communicated with many grinding related enterprises from all over the world, and introduced SV cooperative enterprises on abrasive inventory network and platform to friends in various industries.

With the idea of "let more small and medium-sized micro-grinding enterprises go out and directly connect with overseas buyers", the abrasive inventory network is ready for development and strives to gain a place in the world abrasive market. According to the continuous flow of customers and exhibition customers, the abrasive inventory network has accumulated a certain popularity in a short period of time.

Members of abrasive stock network, Sanhui, Jailda and other enterprise products, received the attention of famous enterprises at the exhibition. At the same time, the demand of sand blasting material industry in this industry is hot, and it is recommended that enterprises can be developed in a targeted way when exporting. 

The Atlanta foundry showcase came to a perfect conclusion on April 30, local time in the United States.

The following day, the Cleveland North American Industrial Ceramics Exhibition opened in 2019.

Ceramics Expo is the only industrial ceramic exhibition in North America and has become the largest and most influential professional industrial ceramics exhibition in North America. The exhibitors include industrial ceramics, metallurgy, glass, petrochemical, power electronics, military aviation, medical treatment, etc. Industries such as automobiles and environmental technology. At the same time, grinding materials including alumina, silicon carbide, boron nitride, silicon nitride, zirconia and more than 40 categories also appeared at the exhibition.

The North American Industrial Ceramics Exhibition gathered the world's advanced ceramics and supporting enterprises, most of the visitors are from many countries in Europe and the United States and Asia industrial ceramics experts, purchasers and business decision-makers, including Saint-Gobain, 3m, Corning, SCHOTT and a number of grinding materials suppliers from China, including Abrasivestocks.com, a large number of SV silicon carbide and corundum member enterprises, attracted the attention of a large number of exhibitors and visitors, including Saint-Gobain, 3m, CGW, and the American Ceramics Association.

Abrasive Storage Network was paid attention to by Eleen, editor of ACerS Bulletins of American Ceramic Association, and made an appointment to interview abrasive Storage Network in June. ACerS Bulletins editor said: "I have seen that you are very professional, very attentive, such a new platform." Let more of our enterprises know. This makes the abrasive inventory net CEO Mr. Yang Heng to the abrasive inventory network development direction more firm. Take each member enterprise to attend the exhibition, help the small and medium-sized micro-grinding enterprise to go to the international, this mission is not only in this exhibition the perfect realization, will also use the bank in the future Move to interpret and put the mission into practice.