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Home > News > Wuhan *s of Grinding won the National Labour Medal for Labour Day. The precision of the parts he ground by hand can be super-mechanical.

Wuhan *s of Grinding won the National Labour Medal for Labour Day. The precision of the parts he ground by hand can be super-mechanical.


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After 33 years of persistence, the precision of the parts he ground by hand can even exceed the precision of mechanical production. On the 23rd, Wei Hongquan, a fitter from China weapon Wudong Group, was awarded the National Labour Medal of May 1st, 2019. "this is a great honor for me personally, it is also a spur and encouragement to me, I will be based on the post, try to do a good example!" Wei Hongquan, who is in Beijing, was interviewed after receiving the prize.

Industrial manufacturing from automation, information, to today into intelligent, no matter how well-developed machines, the end is still inseparable from manual workers. Wei Hongquan believes that machines are only extensions of human beings and can only operate according to the procedures set by human beings, but people can constantly innovate and *, so machines can never be completely replaced. At present, even in Germany with the highest equipment manufacturing level, machinery can not fully meet the required precision. Some complex parts, or parts that require high precision, still require manual grinding and repair. And a large number of machine parts and components will produce cumulative errors, but also need to be manually adjusted in place. 

                                                                                                  Photo by Wei Hongquan correspondent Zhou Qin

"No matter what kind of products, people are the core factor of production. Without first-class technicians, there will be no first-class products." Wei Hongquan said.

Over the past 33 years, Wei Hongquan has been delving into his ordinary position as a fitter, and has developed a set of ultra-precision parts processing techniques-"Chemical Brush-cutting" lapping rods. The original ordinary parts were ground by his hand, and the surface could be mirrored like magic. The precision of the hand-ground parts reaches or even exceeds the precision of mechanical production, which is called "manipulator". Wei Hongquan's original grinding technology breaks through the bottleneck of mechanical processing and creatively solves the problem of precision control of product parts.

Since his employment, Wei Hongquan has successively overcome the technical problem of more than 300 machine tools whose comprehensive accuracy is too poor to be delivered to users, participated in the completion of 50 major national projects, and *d tens of millions of yuan in economic benefits. He was hired as chief technician by the China Arms Group, which has only nine of the country's more than 30 companies.

Now, Wei Hongquan has his own studio, he set up a team to carry out difficult problems, but also his many years of processing technology to sum up, refined into a set of operating methods to promote in the company. He has taken more than a dozen people, assigned to various assembly workshops, many of whom have been able to stand alone. One of the apprentices, in hand grinding skills, has even been comparable to the *.

"my so-called feats don't really matter. I would also like to teach them the ability to find problems and solve complex problems independently in the production process. " Wei Hongquan said.