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How to polish white fused alumina for better effect


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White fused alumina abrasive industry is one of the most common in the alumina, because  White fused alumina sand is suitable for the beautification process or hardware products such as surface treatment, after sandblasting surface clean without any impurities, removes the trouble of cleaning, so is indispensable in the process of industry processing consumables, and because of the material,  White fused alumina as abrasive, there is a big difference compared with other products, because the  White fused alumina sand of alumina content is higher, so you can meet the application requirement of all kinds of occasions, here mainly introduce when using white corundum grinding, how to ensure the grinding effect.

In fact, to ensure the grinding effect of white corundum, in addition to ensuring the quality of white corundum, the main thing to pay attention to is the process of polishing and the operation of the workers. If you want to grasp the effect of processing and polishing, then when choosing white corundum as an abrasive. These basics must be considered; when using white corundum for grinding, the production speed can be slowed down without affecting the grinding speed of the material, and the selection of these densities should be appropriately controlled. Also pay attention to this process during control. And choice. In addition, when selecting the grinding material, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of the bulk density of white corundum, because these processing tools need to conform to these basic patterns. Only the best white corundum grinding process can better control the density. Better sanding effect.

In general, in order to better polish the effect, it is necessary to properly control the selection of these densities, and slow down the production speed, so that the polished out is the effect we need.