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The 3rd Ceramics Japan Expo


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Ceramics Japan Expo as the world's largest functional ceramics exhibition ,grand opening of chiba mu zhang international exhibition center in Tokyo, Japan on Dec 5,2018.

here are decision-makers from r&d department, product department, quality inspection department and purchasing department of IT, semiconductor, household appliances, automotive supplies, medical devices, manufacturing equipment/tools, rechargeable batteries, fuel cell systems, aerospace, ceramic processing and other manufacturers in the exhibition.

The exhibits of this exhibition include:

Fine ceramic materials: low sodium aluminum oxide, spherical aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, boron nitride, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, ITO target material, cerium oxide, zirconia, barium titanate

 Ceramic spraying equipment: DLC film, new ceramic coating, vacuum coating technology/CVD equipment, vapor deposition material, thermal spraying material, thermal spraying equipment, spraying robot, blasting joint.

Grinding equipment: grinder, kneader, granulator, measurement/evaluation equipment, dispersant, spray dryer, powder material feeder, laboratory equipment, mixer, mixing equipment, foreign material inspection, contract services

Manufacturing equipment: heating furnace, injection molding machine, hot plate production line, hydraulic press, extrusion molding machine, powder molding machine, CIP molding machine, plate forming machine

Fine ceramic products: ceramic parts, laminated ceramic capacitors, ceramic heaters, ceramic wafers, tools, ceramic filters, piezoelectric ceramics, medical ceramics