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2019 international foundry exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany


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I. overview of the exhibition

Exhibition time: June 25-29, 2019

Venue: Dusseldorf exhibition center, Germany

Main committee: Dusseldorf exhibition company

Exhibition period: once every four years


Ii. Introduction to the exhibition

Held every four years by the world-famous Dusseldorf exhibition company, the exhibition is currently the world's leading international metallurgical and casting industry exhibition in terms of scale and influence.The exhibition covers four major themes: 1. The 14th international casting trade fair (GIFA 2019); 2.2. The 10th international metallurgical technology and product trade fair (METEC 2019);3. The 12th international heat treatment technology and equipment, product exposition and exchange meeting (THERMPROCESS 2019);4. The 5th international precision casting trade fair (NEWCAST 2019).Four major sectors of the metallurgical and foundry industry will perform the quartet in Dusseldorf, Germany, the heart of Europe, in the summer of 2019.According to the four themes, exhibitors will be distributed in different exhibition halls according to their exhibits.The last exhibition was held from June 16 to 20, 2015, with an exhibition area of over 40,000 square meters. 2,218 enterprises from 120 countries participated in the exhibition, and the number of visitors exceeded 78,000.


The exhibition has gradually become a brand, providing high-quality products and services for the global metallurgy and casting market, and leading the technical development and trend of the whole industry.With its unique concept of trade fair, it provides "business-to-business" opportunities for all exhibitors.Through this exhibition, you can not only show the image and strength of the company, but also win a large number of upstream and downstream cooperation partners, and more can get the industry forefront development information and future development trend.International buyers, users, producers, traders and industry leaders will conduct in-depth communication and exchanges with customers through this exhibition.