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Analysis of alumina raw material market in October 2018


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At the present stage, the tension of the domestic aluminum oxide market has eased, and the market supply is gradually balanced.Before the National Day holiday, merchants are less active in replenishing goods, and the market transaction atmosphere is sluggish. Traders are throwing goods at the moment, and the transaction price is as low as 3200 yuan/ton.At the beginning of this month, chinalco started to adopt the tri-net average pricing model and cut the price by 100-200 yuan/ton.


In September, the export of domestic manufacturers develop alumina, weiqiao will export 250000 tons of alumina plant, only because of low prices to a certain extent, also hit overseas alumina, alumina Australia FOB prices fell to $525, with the domestic alumina market prices, domestic alumina market declining competitiveness, export is blocked.In addition, on October 3, haide released the news of overall production cut of Alunorte alumina plant in Brazil. On October 5, haide again released the news that half production capacity of Alunorte alumina plant in Brazil was maintained.


In terms of raw materials, domestic bauxite production enterprises do not show signs of production resumption, prices also remain high, market supply is still tight, prices also remain high operation, alumina production enterprises cost pressure not less.


October is the traditional peak season for alumina sales, but the fact that the peak season is not strong is true. However, as the heating season of 2018 gradually arrives, alumina manufacturers may reduce production, coupled with the impact of environmental inspection, continued shortage of bauxite supplies, which is a great positive for the upward price of alumina market.


On the current situation analysis, domestic alumina city short - term will still be mainly small adjustment.


Along with the alumina market price unceasingly low, takes the alumina as the raw material the white corundum also cannot escape, the mainstream market price appears to fall back.


It is reported, affected by the environmental protection inspection, some enterprises in henan province white corundum production in the state of closure, but due to the price of raw materials fell back, weak cost support, manufacturers still cut prices.At present, the mainstream price of local white corundum Al2O3 no less than 99% segment sand is around 5,400-5,700 yuan/ton (ex-factory taxes included), part of the high-end price is between 5,700-6,000 yuan/ton, and the price of fine powder is between 5,500-5800 yuan/ton (ex-factory taxes included).


Near the end of the month, with the news that alumina manufacturers cut production and limit production, alumina market price has a tendency to stabilize and stop falling, at that time, white corundum will be mainly tidied up.