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white corundum powder


Reading guidance:

Packaging of white corundum powder :25KG/ woven bag, or 20KG woven bag

White corundum is made of high quality aluminum oxide powder and crystallized by electric melting. It has high purity, good self-sharpness, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and stable thermal performance. Its hardness is slightly higher than that of brown corundum.It is suitable for grinding fine size abrasive materials such as high carbon steel, high speed steel and stainless steel.It can also be used in precision casting and advanced refractories.

Performance and advantages:

1. Do not affect the color of the workpiece;

2. Sand blasting can be used in the process where iron powder residue is prohibited;

3. The micro powder level is very suitable for wet sand blasting and polishing operations;

4. Quick processing speed and high quality;

5. The amount of iron oxide contained is extremely low, which is suitable for sand blasting operations where residual iron is prohibited;

6. Go through the pickling process to remove

Application of white corundum powder products:

1. It can be used in various sand blasting and Lapping operations;

2. Atomized aesthetic processing of polaroid or acrylic products;

3. Sand blasting in the process of TV screen manufacturing;

4. Cutting of silicon elements;

5. Cleaning and sandblasting of tooth mold;

6. Mold sand for precision casting;

7. Additives of high-grade refractory materials and other ceramics;

8. Superior grinding and polishing.