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Substitution enhancement of white fused alumina in henan


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Enter November, the white fused alumina production enterprise of henan area goes good, market price is more stable.It is shown that the mainstream price of local white fused alumina Al2O3 with more than 99% segment sand is around 5,400-5,700 yuan/ton (ex-factory taxes included), part of the high-end price is between 5,700-6,000 yuan/ton, and the price of fine powder is between 5,500-5800 yuan/ton (ex-factory taxes included).Manufacturer adjusts price flexibly according to product specification more.

It is reported that due to the recent closure of many brown fused alumina production enterprises in yichuan, sanmenxia and other areas in henan province, the supply of brown fused alumina supplies is tight, and the market price has risen accordingly, its price has been comparable to that of white fused alumina.Therefore, more and more downstream purchasers use white corundum instead of brown fused alumina for production.White fused alumina production enterprises reflect the current good delivery, relatively smooth delivery.If the market price of brown corundum further upward, then white fused alumina market expectations more optimistic.