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Polishing powder


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Polishing powder:Ingredient: low rare earth

[applicable field] high hardness, large size and low price, suitable for high-speed polishing of common plate glass and lens.

[appearance] brownish red powder one is rapid polishing powder and the other is slow polishing powder. Since 1940, the rare earth polishing powder with high cerium oxide content began to replace iron oxide (namely iron red) for glass polishing and became one of the key process materials in glass polishing process.

Compared with the traditional polishing powder - iron red powder, the rare earth polishing powder has the advantages of fast polishing speed, high finish and long service life, and can change the polishing quality and operating environment.

Shop with oxidation, polishing powder polishing lenses, for example, a minute to complete the work, such as iron oxide polishing powder requires 30 ~ 60 minutes. Rare earth polishing powder because of its unique chemical mechanical action principle of high polishing efficiency, be the first choice of the glass polishing materials, is widely used in lens, optical element (lens, prism), color glass shell, flat-panel display panels electronic glass, silicon, glass disk substrate products such as polishing processing. According to the different of the content of cerium rare earth cerium polishing powder can be divided into high (> 90%), rich cerium (> 70%) and low (< 70%).

Depending on its application in the field of rare earth polishing powder products can be divided into micron, sub-micron and nanometer three types, their characteristics and application fields are shown in table below: the particle size and cerium content categories (%) applications micron grade 1-1040-80 glass lens, optical element, color glass shell sub-micron 0.1-140-80 flat-panel display panels electronic glass high-grade < 0.199 silicon wafers, disks, glass substrate, is used as a polishing powder material with cobalt base of rare earth oxide, oxide, ferric oxide and silicon oxide 4 kinds of wrong.