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Ceramic Beads1mm PV:515


  • Category:Ceramic Beads

    SPEC:Ceramic Beads1mm



    Region: China

    Packaging:Bag Package/Small Bag Package

  • PubDate:2018-11-07 09:14:21

    Deadline:2019-02-05 09:14:21

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Ceramic Beads1mm

Product Deion

The regenerative ball is also called the ball regenerator, which has the advantages of good thermal shock resistance, high heat storage capacity, high strength, easy cleaning, and can be reused without breaking.
Heat storage ball and is suitable for air separation equipment storage and iron and steel plant blast furnace and gas heating furnace as heat storage packing, through the air and gas awakened double preheating, the combustion temperature quickly reach the effect of rolling of billet heating.


The heat storage ceramic ball is used for the heat storage filler of the air separation equipment heat accumulator and the iron and steel plant blast furnace gas heating furnace, and the combustion temperature is achieved by the double preheating of the gas and the air. Also widely used in iron and steel, metallurgy, ceramics, petrochemical and other enterprises.

Product Features:

1. Density >6.03, apply to the premium products which need high strength grinding and dispersing;

2. Product size distribution uniformity, which are suitable for the ultrafine grinding requirements;

3. Using special molding process, overall structure is composed of uniform and dense zirconia crystallites to ensure the bead has a excellent wear resistance, no broken beads at high speed running, can working in various ambient conditions;

4. Using high purity superfine materials and special manufacturing process to eliminate pollution of the material;

5.Suitable for high speed and line speed of Horizontal sand mill and Basket mill.

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