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Company: xxxxxx company

P series white Fused Alumina for coated abrasive tools PV:583


  • Category:White Fused Alumina




    Region: China

    Packaging:Bag Package/Small Bag Package

  • PubDate:2018-09-14 17:04:14

    Deadline:2018-10-14 17:04:14

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The p-sand series products of white fused alumina developed and produced by the company are made of high quality white fused alumina, which has the advantages of narrow particle size distribution, high cleanliness, uniform and moderate particle shape, good sharpness, suitable toughness and brittleness.The coated abrasives produced by them have the characteristics of long service life, high grinding efficiency, safety, economy and wide application range, etc., and have been widely used in the production of coated abrasives in foreign countries, and become a new type of abrasive for coated abrasives.
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