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Pink Fused Alumina PV:652


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    Region: China

    Packaging:Bag Package/Small Bag Package

  • PubDate:2018-08-23 09:20:40

    Deadline:2018-09-22 09:20:40

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The composition of red corundum is mainly α-alumina, also known as chrome corundum, ruby. Most of the market is now artificial red fused alumina. The main mineral composition is α-Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution. The secondary mineral consists of a small amount of composite spinel "or no composite spinel" and refractory bricks with a chromium oxide content of 1% to 30%. There are two kinds of fused cast chrome corundum bricks and sintered chrome corundum bricks. In general, chrome corundum bricks refer to sintered chrome corundum bricks. Using α-Al2O3 as a raw material, an appropriate amount of chrome oxide powder and chrome corundum clinker fine powder are added, and after molding, it is fired at a high temperature. The chromium oxide content of the sintered chromium brick is generally lower than that of the cast chromium corundum brick. It can also be prepared by mud casting method, uniformly mixing α-Al2O3 powder and chromium oxide powder, adding degumming agent and organic binder to make thick mud, adding part of chrome corundum clinker, and making brick by grouting method. Burn it again. It can be used as glass kiln lining, brushed glass fluid hole cover brick and for iron water pretreatment device, garbage incinerator, coal water slurry pressurized gasifier backing, etc.
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