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White Fused Alumina PV:2959


  • Category:White Fused Alumina

    SPEC:F240-280 , JIS320-360 , P240-400



    Region: China

    Packaging:Bag Package/Small Bag Package

  • PubDate:2018-08-07 16:36:53

    Deadline:2018-09-06 16:36:53

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White corundum abrasive is suitable for beautifying the surface of various high-end products, processes, hardware and other products. After sandblasting, the surface is white and free of any impurities.Fine white fused alumina can be used as the head of polishing and grinding.Can also be used as a variety of product additives.It can be used for solid and coated abrasives, wet or dry or sprayed sand, suitable for crystal, ultra-fine grinding and polishing in electronics industry and advanced refractory materials.Suitable for processing hardened steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, high carbon steel, etc.It can also be used as contact media, insulator and precision casting sand.Rust removal, pollution removal and oxide removal of iron workpiece, increase the adhesion of coating and coating;The aluminum workpiece is deoxidized, and its surface is strengthened and decorated.Bronze workpiece deoxidized leather matte effect, glass products crystal frosted, engraved pattern plastic products matte effect, denim and other special fabric wool processing and effect patterns
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